St. Ann Music Ministry

Donny Scott, Director of Music   [email protected]   817-295-5621

St. Ann Music Ministry

The Saint Ann Music Program has nearly 100 active volunteers.  From this pool of dedicated servers, we are blessed with numerous vocalists, guitarists, pianists, and other instrumentalists.  With the objective of satisfying the widely varied tastes of our parish, we offer masses with a mix of traditional and contemporary Catholic hymns.   

Music & Sound Support Requests

Due to Donny's busy schedule, requests should be made early.

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Rehearsal Schedule


Santa Ana Coro

Práctica para la misa

7:00 pm - Jóvenes

7:30 pm - Banda & Coro

8:30 pm - Secciones


Youth Choir

Practice for 10:30 Backpack

6:00 pm - Youth

Saint Ann Vigil Choir 

Practice for the Saturday Mass

6:30 pm - Band & Choir 

7:30 pm - Sections 

Saint Ann Praise Team & Choir

Practice for the 10:30 Sunday Mass

8:15 pm - Bank & Choir

9:15 pm - Sections